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Combo pack of Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta (Set of 3Vols)& Sri Laghu Bhagavatamrta By Gopiparanadhana Dasa

Epitome of Devotional theological milieux, both Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta and Sri Laghu Bhagavatamrta together form the best combo of nectar of devotion. Consisting of the summum bonum of devotion both the magnum opuses are a treat for the devotees and lover of the Supreme Lord.

Rupa Gosvami’s elder brother Sanatana Gosvami composed Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta wherein the highest of all devotees, was intricately and sequentially established. Sri Rupa Gosvami felt the need of establishing the epicentre of this devotion of the devotees, i.e the Supreme Lord Sri Bhagavan Himself with all His potencies and opulence, clearly outlining the relationship between Sri Bhagavan and His emanations. Hence as a subsequent edition to Sanatana Gosvami Brhat (greater) Bhagavatamrta, Rupa Gosvami composed the Laghu (concise or lesser) Bhagavatamrta as an offering to his brother. He presented Sri Laghu Bhagavatamrta in the typically concise style of philosophical sastras: short definitions and statements of fact with the support of quotations from authoritative scriptures, which are then often followed by the author’s own explanatory verses. Srila Sanatana Gosvami immaculately establishes the topmost devotee  of the Supreme Lord and the ideal process of reaching the Supreme Lord. Whereas his brother Srila Rupa Gosvami articulately establishes that the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna is the fountainhead of all incarnations and that He is the seed-giving father.

Readers will be pleasantly surprised to know that reading these scriptures can ensure a confirmed ticket back to the spiritual abode with the Supreme Lord. Ultimate liberation from material existence and from the repeated cycle of birth and death in this material world can be achieved by ardently reading this incredible scriptures, which are so potent!

Hence this combo deal is worth everything for a devotee or a lover of the Supreme lover, Sri Krishna! Come dive in the unfathomable ocean of nectar of love with the Bhagavatamrta Combo!


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