What turns friends into worst enemies?
Is accepting misfortunes as our destiny fatalistic or pragmatic?
Can we regulate our emotions without repressing them?
Seeking answers to such universal questions, Wisdom from the Ramayana: On Life and Relationships taps into the timeless wisdom of the Ramayana, encompassing many of its characters and reflecting on the complex dynamics of their relationships.
By analyzing the thought processes of these characters and the principles they lived by, this self-help book offers guidelines to build lasting relationships and lead a spiritually fulfilling life.

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‘Chaitanya Charan extracts from Ramayana’s pages powerful instructions on how we can deepen our relationships . . . A very enjoyable and illuminating read’ —Krishna Dharma, London-based author of popular retellings of Ramayana and Mahabharata
‘An engaging, probing and profound analysis of the events of the Ramayana in the light of human emotions and relationships’ —Manish Paliwal, Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The College of New Jersey, USA
‘The style of writing and approach for analysis are excellent. Inspiring, relevant and useful to all readers’ —Dr. M. G. Prasad, Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA
‘Provides universal guiding principles for developing lasting, purposeful and authentic relationships’ —Ken Santistevan, Certified Yoga Teacher, Denver, USA
‘Thought-provoking stories from the Ramayana that clearly show the timelessness of its wisdom and the need of the moment’ —Dr. Lance Roehrig, Ayurvedic Doctor, Denver, USA.

About the Author

Chaitanya Charan is a mentor, life coach and monk. Building on his engineering degree from the Government College of Engineering, Pune, he complemented his scientific training with a keen spiritual sensitivity. For over two decades, he has researched ancient wisdom texts and practiced their teachings in a living yoga tradition.
Author of over twenty-five books, he writes the world’s only Gita-daily feature (gitadaily.com), wherein he has penned over two thousand daily meditations on the Bhagavad-Gita. Known for his systematic talks and incisive question-answer sessions, he has spoken on motivational and spiritual topics across the world at universities such as Stanford, Princeton and Cambridge and companies such as Intel, Microsoft and Google.


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