Śrīmad Bhagavad-gītā contains the essential meanings given in the commentaries of Śrīla Viśvanātha Cakravartī Ṭhākura and Śrīla Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura. It is further illuminated by the exegesis of Śrīla Bhaktivedānta Nārāyaṇa Gosvāmī Mahārāja. This translation is complimentary to the authoritative and popular Bhagavad-gītā As It Is by Śrīla A. C. Bhaktivedānta Svāmī Prabhupāda.

In the forward, Srila Bhaktivedanta Vamana Gosvami Maharaja writes:

“To understand the actual conclusions of Śrīmad Bhagavad-gītā and to philosophically deliberate upon them, one must take shelter of the instructions of the previous ācāryas and follow those instructions. One will then be able to perceive and realize the inner intention of the Gītā. A subject becomes easy to understand if the author himself gives an explanation, or commentary, otherwise one’s own understanding of the subject will naturally be tainted by the four defects: error, illusion, imperfect sense perception, and deception. Consequently, one cannot possibly understand the intention of the Gītā unless one takes shelter of the realized truth imparted by the sages who know past, present and future, and the previous ācāryas within the disciplic succession, who are devoid of such faults. There is no other way.”

In his introduction to his Rasika-rañjana commentary on the Gītā, jagad-guru Śrīla Saccidānanda Bhaktivinoda Ṭhākura writes,

“The most compassionate Bhagavān Śrī Kṛṣṇa, whose words always hold true, spoke Śrīmad Bhagavad-gītā, which is an investigation into the essential import of all the Vedas, to His friend, Arjuna, to deliver the entire world. These instructions of the Gītā are the only means to deliver the world.”

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