Colourful Alphabet (Part-1 & 2)



Colourful Alphabet Part-1 From A to M
Colourful Alphabet Part-2 From N to Z
Preksha Sharma (Concept & Content)
Nivedita Sharma (Art Director)
The given set of books – ‘Colourful Alphabet Book: Part 1 & Part 2’ is the best set for enhancing a kid’s knowledge to study the materialistic and spiritualistic world simultaneously via English letters. The books are designed in such a way that would help the kids excel in advancing their thinking and knowing the world better.
As parents, teachers, mentors and society, we must help the upcoming generations maintain a balance in their lives by evoking their true spiritual consciousness.
Transcendental knowledge is a key aspect of our lives. And, these book aim to make a kid understand the importance of understanding the TRANSCENDENTAL world right from a tender age as the mind begins to progress. The kids will learn all the alphabet. And, they will also learn the materialistic name starting with a letter, for example, A for Apple – a fruit; and the spiritual name with the same letter, for example, A for Arjun – the great warrior in the battle of Mahabharata. Hence, the books provide substantial images too.
The books aim to help the children to develop their motor skills by joining the dots of the alphabet, i.e., tracing the letters. Also, colouring will add fun to their activities.
We would like to thank everyone for their continued support, suggestions, help, and guidance in the publication of these books. We pray at the lotus feet of Radha Raman that these books help the children to become truly knowledgeable by attaining real wisdom.

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