Bhagavata Tattva Vicara – A Thematic Study of Srimad Bhagavatam (The most important topics of Bhagavatam presented comprehensively in different themes)

Theme 1: Appearance of Bhagavatam – Through Vyasadeva (from SB) and through Uddhava (from Bhagavata Mahatmya). Connecting the above two events with the punishment of Kali personified by Pariksith Maharaja. (Presented in sequence with reference to Timeline of the events)

Theme 2: Description of the 25 Avataras in Bhagavatam – Combining 22 Avataras of SB 1.3 and another 22 Avataras of SB 2.7, we get in total 25 Lilavataras. After describing the activities of these 25 Lilavataras, there is a brief description of the pastimes of the 3 Purusa avataras, 14 Manvantara avataras, 4 Yugavataras and 3 Gunavatars and few Avesa Avataras and Vibhutis. A brief outline of Their activities and the approximate time of Their appearance. Ends with some reflections about why the Dasavatras became famous in India.

Theme 3: Description of the Creation-maintenance-annihilation in Bhagavatam – Whole Bhagavatam (except Canto 1 and 10) are sub grouped in above three divisions (C, M & A) and presented the process of Creation, maintenance and annihilation. Ends with some reflections about the purpose of Creation and why Lord takes on great efforts for us.

Theme 4: Chronological order of the events described in Bhagavatam – Tried to present the events of SB briefly (except Canto 10 and 11) in sequential flow and in chronology, so that there is an idea that which event happened when, and also few reflections about various reasons connected to those events.

Theme 5: The Teachings of 12 Mahajanas – A brief compilation of various references of the teachings of the 12 Mahajanas (not elaborated for the no of pages were increasing).