The Beggar (Set of 4 Volumes)



By B.T. Swami (Author) Bhakti Tirtha Swami offers a perspective on fear, love, true compassion, success, death, intimacy and spiritual goals. The deeply penetrating reflections in the form of a personal dialogue with God remind the reader of the necessity to dedicate time to spiritual growth along with secular pursuits.

The Greatest Enemy of the Spiritual Leader are comprised of daily meditations and prayers that enable the reader to beg and cry out more for mercy, especially divine intervention. Many of the prayers in these books often draw tears and can touch the psyche in a very profound way. Although these prayers are short reading, they are compact with very deep spiritual messages. Most importantly, the messages attempt to address each reader in his or her own individual spiritual struggles. These small books are not just meant for a single reading; rather, they can be read over and over again according to the particular struggles faced by each person on his or her spiritual journey.


Vol 1  Mediations and Prayers on the Supreme Lord

Vol 2 Crying out for Mercy

Vol 3 False 3 False Ego : Great Enemy of the Spiritual Leader

Vol 4  Die before Dying


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