Sarnagati Song Book (Hard-binding)



This is the second of a four-volume series of songs written by Bhaktivinoda Thakura. This volume has 45 songs, many of them never published in English before. These compositions are deep instructions for the path of devotional service to Krishna. Bhaktivinoda Thakura gives voice to a range of experience: from that of the untrained soul deeply steeped in materialism to the highest ecstasies of pure devotional service. His songs are a journey into the highest states of pure consciousness.

Each song has the Bengali word-for-word transliteration and English translation.

The spiral bound volumes are designed to easily stay open so you can sing or read along hands-free.

Saranagati is a collection of devotional poems about the process of surrendering ones heart at the feet of Lord Krishna. It shows how to serve the Lord, obtain His protection, depend on Him, develop loyalty to Him and act humbly before Him. Through this, one loses all anxiety and fear and gains infinite peace and joy.

Verse One:
Out of compassion for the fallen souls, Sri Krisna Caitanya came to this world with His personal associates and divine abode to teach saranagati, surrender to the almighty Godhead, and to freely distribute ecstatic love of God, which is ordinarily very difficult to obtain. This saranagati is the very life of the true devotee

The ways of saranagati are humility, dedication of the self, acceptance of the Lord as one

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