Divine Lives

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Divine Lives The Descending Current Of Bhakti
By Swami B.B. Bodhayan

The Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition stresses the importance for spiritual seekers to receive transcendental knowledge in a bona-fide current of devotion. Genuine spiritual teachers retain the power and glory of this divine flow in their hearts and manifest it through their unadulterated words and proper conduct. Divine Lives highlights the descriptions of two such sublime personalities, His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada Bhakti Siddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami Thakura, and his disciple, His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Pramode Puri Gosvami Thakura.

In the time of the Gaudiya revolution led by Srila Prabhupada, Srila B. P. Puri Goswami carried a pen and paper wherever he went. His impeccable notes from that time will surely be of great service for many generations to come. Some of his writings are included within in the form of heart-touching glorifications to his spiritual master that have been organized into separate categories for the reader’s benefit. After the biography of Srila Prabhupada and an autobiography of Srila B. P. Puri Goswami, Divine Lives concludes with the words of Srila B. P. Puri Goswami Thakura’s successor and disciple, Srila B. B. Bodhayan Maharaja. In this last section, we learn specific details about Srila B. P. Puri Goswami’s first meetings with Srila Prabhupada and how he joined this spiritual movement.

Also included within are historical articles from the Gaudiya and Chaitanya Vani that have been translated from the original Bengali into English for the first time, as well as rare photos and artifacts from this transformational time in Gaudiya history.

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