THE LIVING NAME : A Guide To Chanting With Absorption



THE LIVING NAME : A Guide To Chanting With Absorption,

By Sacinandana Swami

The Life Force of Chanting. Just as the five life airs animate the body with life, the five powerful practices in The Living Name can enliven the chanting of the Holy Name and turn it into a dynamic and transformative experience.

In this guidebook one will first learn how to align body, mind and heart (yojana) to overcome distraction and thus embark on the path of full absorption. From here chanting in deep connection (sambandha) can be easily practiced, which brings one to the essence of bhakti: chanting in the mood of service (seva). Hereafter, one learns to imbue their chanting with the right mood (vipralambha) and with surrender (saranagati). The chanter can either go systematically through these five practices or apply whichever he feels attracted to.

The Living Name has been churned from the teachings of our great acaryas, sacred shastra and the experiences of exalted sadhus. The result is a comprehensive guidebook that takes you to the heart of the most accessible form of the Lord – His Holy Name.

Hardcover, 204 pages, full color print with more than 20 original watercolor illustrations commissioned specifically for this book, 6″ x 9″.

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