The Drama of Lord Jagannatha



The Drama of Lord Jagannātha retells the Purāṇic story of founding the sacred image of Jagannātha and the great Jagannātha Temple at Purī, India.

Composed in English in the rich tradition of classical Sanskrit dramaturgy, this rare poetic work comes in two parts: the first part is the drama itself, and the second part introduces the reader to the craft of Sanskrit drama and analyzes the construction and form of the present work itself.

Jagannatha priya Natakam is a masterpiece! I HIGHLY recommend it! The author puts Shakespeare to shame Fantastic book!

Have you ever wondered what is happening when you see the Ratha Yatra festival? Learn all about the Lord of the Universe, and the oldest festival in the world, still going on in major cities around the world. The British coined the word “juggernut” when they saw the amazing festival of Jagannatha! Find out how it all got started with this fabulous drama.

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