Form of Beauty (Large)

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The Krishna Art of B.G. Sharma. Reproductions of the artwork of India’s most famous contemporary devotional artist. In this stunningly produced volume, the artist’s mastery and devotion are combined with compelling stories depicting the magical life of Krishna. Excerpts from classics such as the Bhagavat Purana and Gopal Champu accompany 180 paintings, book with gilt-embossed cover.

Many have conjectured that truth is beauty. If this is so, can one relish beauty without form or image? Image and form are emblems of beauty. The canvas and the brush, the words and their order, make accessible the beauty of art and literature. Beauty itself is abstract, yet it requires form for its expression. From within the Hindu pantheon and beyond it, if we are to search all cultures and their myths, it would be hard to find a better candidate for the form of ultimate beauty than Krsna.

Words don’t do the artist justice here, though the lovely sacred verses and captions by Tripurari Swami frame the art work in its proper religious context. Simply stated, it must be seen. It’s rare indeed to discover an artist or writer who helps you understand the glory of God and his miraculous gifts. This is one such example. A consummate masterpiece.

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