Finding The Gap – Part 1

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What is the GAP? Maybe we feel a gap in our relationships — we long for closeness yet continue to feel lonely. Maybe we want to bridge the gap between our spiritual ideals and the not-so-pious habits we still exhibit. In our attempts to become fully Krishna conscious, we will undoubtedly encounter many obstacles erected by our mind and false ego. The fact that we must face these formidable layers is an open secret. What prevents us from manifesting the qualities we hear of in Bhagavad Gita? Maybe we need the GAP: Gita Applied Practically.
Finding the GAP is the first book of a two-part mystery meant to unveil our soul. Here we develop an understanding of some of the mechanisms of the body, brain, mind, and false ego. As we identify the subtle elements that block our ability to clearly see, we will discover the GAP; a space to explore our pressing questions, concerns and doubts; a place to find new approaches to age-old spiritual dilemmas. Are you ready to dive into another realm? If so, put on your reflecting hat and prepare to look in the mirror. You might be surprised with what you find.
HH Varsana Swami: These books will fortify devotees with tools to help develop consciousness, integrity and responsibility.
HH Sacinandana Swami: A life without reflection is not a life. I recommend devotees to read these books as they provide beneficial tools to enter the important process of self-reflection.
HG Mahatma Prabhu: Many thanks to Sukhavaha dasi for taking the effort to write such books, much needed in our society. These will provide devotees with the tools to understand and manage their conditioning, needs, and emotions, supporting them in living healthy spiritual lives.
HG Gopal Hari Prabhu, Prof. of Philsophy & Religious Studies: Your books are milestone achievements for our Krishna Conscious society. They will help devotees for many generations to open their hearts to Krishna. Thank you for writing these soul-touching books.
HG Shubha Vilas Prabhu, Author: These books are a nice blend of spirituality, philosophy, psychology, a very creative use of words with excellent in-depth explanations. These books will appeal to intellectually inclined devotees, counselors and preachers in ISKCON.

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