Behind Every Lesson There is a Wonderful Journey

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By Peter Burwash

I have spent my life in the tennis industry and have gotten to work beside the game’s greatest catalysts, mavens, entrepreneurs and heroes…Billie Jean King, Andre Agassi, Jack Kramer to name a small fraction. But at the end of the day, there is one person who has really done more for the sport and more for society than nearly all of them…Peter Burwash! He reaches the apex of integrity, honesty, morals, talent and accomplishment like no other.
What Peter does is unique. He takes the life in front of him and lives it to its perfection. He is the most selfless, conscious, conscientious, caring person I can think of. Peter yearns to help other people have greater, better, more fulfilled lives.
Trust me when I say read every word of this book. When the mind is free from ulterior motive and motivated only by helping others achieve greatness every page becomes a gift.
From the foreward by Steve Bellamy, founder of The Tennis Channel, The Ski Channel & The Surf Channel.

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