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We Highly recommend this book, especially to all devotee’s in ISKCON. Its deep insight and cutting clarity into current spiritual issues effecting Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON and the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya sampradaya are truly awakening and inspiring for the sincere sadhaka! The transcendental depth and realized spiritual emotion that Aindra Prabhu has shared in the pages of this book is truly a treasure waiting to be taken into the heart.

We are very grateful and honored to be the authorized website for the world to download Aindra’s book for free.

The following is an excerpt from the introduction of Aindra prabhu’s book:

“The great necessity in the forward march of any growing religio-cultural institution is to recognize, encourage, responsibly guide, and positively facilitate the inner spiritual development of the society’s progressive pure devotional aspirants. This treatise strives in its own unique way to inspire a revolution of understanding. It attempts to deepen the self- searching thoughtfulness essentially required to bridge the apparent dichotomy between a sadhaka’s inward bhajana and outward preaching by illustrating the relative importance of each, as well as their interrelation. Those fortunate souls who absorb intimately this message will find the pathway to the highest regions of Krishna-prema clearly open to them, whereas those unfortunates who turn from this message, preferring to attach themselves to shallow, self-aggrandizing materialistic modes of devotion will find their path plagued with obstruction. We sincerely hope to at least touch the hearts of a fortunate few. That alone would be the hallmark of our success and a source of immense satisfaction.

This small volume will be well regarded by purified clear- headed individuals who are thoroughly honest. Narrow-souled superficialists or spiritually maladroit, externally oriented prakrita-bhaktas of meager metaphysical or internal devotional acumen will have to muster the requisite spiritual integrity to deeply enter into the spirit of this dissertation. The subject matter of this book, like the highly elevated topics revealed in the later cantos of Shrimad-Bhagavatam, should not be intruded upon by the ineligible, hypocritical, corrupt, or envious. If the boot in any way fits, promptly close the book. What need is there for any further introductory elaboration? It is as it is. Generously remitting the numerous literary imperfections herein, simply open your heart and allow the substance of this presentation to transport your inner- dimensional quantum beyond the confines of vapid ecclesiastico-conservative conventionalism to a Krishna conscious paradigm of enriched profundity. Hare Krishna!”

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