The Art Of Indian Vegetarian Cooking

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The Art Of Indian Vegetarian Cooking
By Yamuna Devi
Lord Krishna’s Cuisine is the classic, easy-to-follow guide to cooking authentic vegetarian Indian food. Cookbook author and food historian Yamuna Devi presents richly varied regional cuisines in an engaging way, highlighting the cultural and spiritual significance of each savory dish. Having spent years researching the recipes throughout India, on at least one occasion she coaxed treasured recipes from famous royal family chefs and temple cooks who had scrupulously guarded their exact preparation detail for centuries. Dedicated to the spirit of nourishing others, Yamuna’s personal stories and insights enrich the entries and provide colorful backdrop for enjoying these light and nutritious foods.
·    Over 500 delightful recipes, including rice dishes, dals, breads, vegetables, homemade dairy products, salads, chutneys, sauces, spices, hot curries, light meals, snacks, sweets, and beverages
·    The history and culture of each dish, and recommended food pairings
·    Invaluable classic preparation techniques
·    Traditional recipes adapted for preparation in modern kitchens
·    Attractively illustrated with fine line drawings
·    Complete glossary and helpful guides to ingredients and equipment
·    Detailed, easy-to-use index

For Devi, cooking was “a spiritual experience . . . a means of expressing love and devotion to the Supreme Lord, Krishna.”  Lord Krishna’s Cuisine is a classic to be treasured. It is a rare treasure to hold a cookbook where the spirit of the author shines through as brightly as the flavors of the recipes within.  With approachable instruction to prepare delicious, healthy, and sophisticated Indian vegetarian dishes while offering cultural and spiritual insight, this will be one of your most useful and inspiring cookbooks.

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