Lilas by Vanamali (Set of 6 Volumes)

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By Vanamali (Author)

  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 2011 Pages (48 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS)
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  • Edition  :  2006,08,10,16,2017
Shiva Lila

ISBN: 9788173052217
Edition: 2008  About the Book: The Shiva Mahapurana is said to have come from the mouth of Lord Shiva Himself. It is an encyclopaedia of various branches of knowledge and ancient esoteric wisdom, handed down through the ages by the grace of the sages and rishis of this holy land of India. It is arranged in seven Samhitas and written in the Sanskrit language. The rarest pearls are hidden in the depths of the ocean and the most precious gems are embedded in rocks. One has to depend on someone to delve deep into the heart of the ocean or chip off the encasing rocks and expose these treasures to our eyes. Modern man has neither the time nor the knowledge of this ancient language to go through this voluminous book, however, wonderful it may be. Vanamali has condensed and picked out the most perfect of the pearls of this ancient wisdom and given it to us as in a form which is easy to read and simple to understand.
Sri Rama Lila

ISBN: 9798173051806
Edition: 2006  About the book: “Place the name of RAMA as a jeweled lamp at the door of your lips and there will be light both inside and out. Those who repeat this name absorbed in contemplation will acquire supernormal powers. Those who repeat it when burdened with affliction will be freed from all troubles. Those who repeat it with full faith and detachment will enjoy the incomparable felicity of God”
Sri Hanuman Lila

ISBN: 9788173053870
Edition: 2010 About the book:  Once again Vanamali has brought out a unique offering for the English speaking public of India and abroad. Sri Hanuman Lila is the first book in English which portrays the character of the Monkey God fully and his exploits from birth to the present age where he is still supposed to be doing tapasya in the Himalayas.This book will be a great boon to all devotees of Hanuman and of Lord Rama.
Sri Krishna Lila

ISBN: 97881730051813
Edition: 2006 About the book:  “Till My advent O Uddhava, a dip in the Ganga was supposed to eradicate all sins, but now a dip in the holy story of My Life is enough to cleanse the sins of a thousand life-times. He who listens to the story of My Life sanctifies himself.”
Sri Devi Lila

ISBN: 9788173053047
Edition: 2009 About the Book: Our first relationship in the world is through the mother. The Earliest memory of any person is that of clinging to the mother’s breast and looking into her love-filled eyes. The comfort and security, which the infant gains from this relationship, lasts with him all his life. In the mother is centered a whole world of tenderness, comfort and sustenance. To transfer this concept to a cosmic being was a natural step, which all the ancient cultures took. Therefore the concept of the Divine as the Mother is as old as life itself. Devi is the Divine Mother, the eternal womb of all creatures- human, sub-human and animal. She cradles her children in her loving arms, suckles them and nurtures them with her infinite love. Wherever you see maternal love, in a bird or animal or human, know that to be the love of the Devi for her children, for she is the universal mother. This book takes us on ancient quest to unravel the mystery of the Divine Mother in all her manifold aspects
The Sons of Siva

ISBN: 9788173053429
Edition: 2008 About the Book:  “Vanamali has knitted this book so beautifully. This is helpful for devotees who follow both, the path of Bhakti and knowledge. She gives a deep insight into the concept of Lord Vighneshwara, Lord Kartikeya and Lord Dharma Shasta. Her work is Universal and would be helpful for people in all walks of life.” In this book, Vanamali has given us a fascinating glimpse into the lilas of the three sons of Shiva. This is a captivating book for all those who are interested in knowing the esoteric secrets of Hindu gods. Shiva and his sons are all aspects of the great electromagnetic forces that control life. Shiva is the source of all energies. He is the nuclear energy underlying the subatomic particles. At the very core of matter Shiva whirls in his cosmic dance as Nataraja. Ganesha is the god of gravity which is the base of all ordinary existence. Kartikeya is the power of the electromagnetic field. His spear signifies the elemental forces of thunder ad lightning. Ayyappa is the force of love as the supreme power which is capable of uniting humanity.Ganesha symbolizes the idea of the emergence of life from earth and the unfolding of consciousness from matter. His dual form of animal and human indicates a sublime theme, which points out us us that we too can aspire to a supramental level even though we have evolved from the animal. The stories of Ganesha, Kartikeya and Shasta are all part of Puranic literature and they cater to the multifaceted intellect of the human being who craves for different expressions of the godhead.

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