Bound by Love

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By Nityanand Charan Das
Love is the most mystical feeling. “It makes us laugh, it makes us cry. It showers with nectar, the heart that is dry”.
And this feeling finds its culmination in the loving yet esoteric bond between the Supreme Lord and His devotees.
‘Bound by Love’ explores that bond and takes us through a plethora of emotions. There is love, adventure, drama, suspense, test of faith, surrender and much more! Above all, it makes us realise the enchanting sweetness of the Supreme, in a world where most people are only enamoured by or aware of His greatness.
At every moment, we are being tested. Sometimes we pass and sometimes we fail losing ourselves in the process. His Grace coupled with our Effort, Humility as against False Ego, Enthusiasm along with Faith and Patience is what we all need to sail through and survive.

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